Beowulf in the style of Jane Austen

I wrote this on September 26, 2018, based on a prompt from the Seventh Sanctum “Envisioner” generator.

Hrothgar, king of the Danes, or Scyldings, was a man who, for a great many years now, had ruled wisely, firmly, and benevolently. His skill as a warrior and leader were matched only by his passion for his subjects and his country; and after laying to rest his battle sword, he found himself happily occupied in overseeing the construction of a great hall for their benefit. This project provided for Hrothgar the gratification of serving his people, as well as the pleasure of composing plans for the grandest edifice in his kingdom; by contemplating the particular style of the facade, and the length of the hall, and its width, and height, and the careful selection of each embellishment for its walls, the king simultaneously constructed for himself a shield from the unpleasant but trifling domestic affairs that must soon resolve themselves. And so the grand hall Heorot was completed, and King Hrothgar kept his promise of bestowing upon his people a profusion treasures and feasts; thereby securing his place, in his own mind, as a magnanimous and efficacious sovereign.

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