History of Quill and Bean, Part III: A Cozy Family

In a previous post, I wrote about the creation of my unicorn coffee cozy. Before opening my shop, I refined the design and chose three signature colors: the Amethyst Unicorn, the Rose Unicorn, and the Seafoam Unicorn.

The original unicorn trio.

The cozy family soon expanded to include mermaid tails, foxes, dogs, and Weasley-sweater-inspired monograms. One of my most popular designs was the red panda, which was inspired by a comment on Instagram.

Below are some photos of the cozies I’ve made, including some one-off/one-of-a-kind designs. Some are still available in the Quill and Bean Etsy shop 🙂

Before I finish this post, there’s one more thing I want to throw out there:

I’m not really sure who my intended audience is for these “History of Quill and Bean” posts. I know most people probably won’t find this very interesting. I’m not a huge, super-successful shop that people would turn to for Etsy advice; I don’t have Instagram fans clamoring for my story. I think I’m mostly just writing these posts for myself — a record of the experience — with the hope that if someone else stumbles upon it, they’ll be inspired to keep creating too.

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